​Responsible for assisting the pastor in ecclesiastical duties such as ministering the Word of God, Weddings, Funerals, Baptismal, Baby             dedications, etc. Responsible to provide spiritual support in all services. Associate ministers are asked to attend all Sunday services and to be accountable to pastor when absent.

        Responsible for helping to govern the local church; assisting the Pastor(s) when needed. 

3.      DEACONS
         Responsible for assisting the pastor; maintaining the upkeep local church, maintaining order in the local church, and councel members when needed. 

4.     ADMINISTRATIVE MINISTRY (Clerical/Clerks/Secretarial Assistants)
        Responsible for all clerical functions such as computer data input, telephone calls, photo copying, typing, filings, weekly programs, special programs, acquiring supplies, etc. 

        Responsible for all audio/video recording of services, activities and functions. Operation of the camera and sound system for all services. Responsible for the production of television and radio programs; also for making CD, Video and Audio’s available to congregants. 

        Responsible for the entire upkeep of God’s house. This includes cleaning, maintenance, beautification of God’s house. Also responsible for security, managing the parking lot, assisting those who require special assistance, valet services when required and transporting members to and from services. 

7.     MEN’S MINISTRY (Joshua Generation)
Every adult male of the Love and Praise Fellowship family is automatically a part of this ministry. The purpose is to create a strong bond of  brotherhood and solidarity among men. Each is expected to support the church as well as directly assist the Pastor and the First Lady as God’s Men of Faith. 

8.     WOMEN’S MINISTRY (Women in Action for God) 
Every adult woman of the Love and Praise Fellowship family is automatically a part of this ministry. The purpose is to create a strong bond of sisterhood and solidarity among women. Each is expected to support the church as well as directly assist the Pastor and the First Lady as God’s Women of Faith. 

9.     YOUTH/CHILDREN’S MINISTRY(Youth 4 Christ) 
Responsible for ministering to the youth and children through teaching tools, programs, and fun activities providing a Christian  environment for building and enhancing a Godly attitude, character and conduct. 

        This ministry is designed for any single adult regardless of the reason: never married, widowed or divorced. The ministry is designed to clarify and communicate single members the importance of their role in the body of Christ; how they’re to conduct themselves within the LAP ministry and while out in the public. 

       This ministry is responsible to minister in music and song at all worship services. They are also expected to accompany the Pastor(s) when         ministering elsewhere. A special dedication towards the spiritual inspiration and uplifting of the people of God is required by this ministry.   

       This ministry is responsible to minister and produce religious plays, skits, dance, and monologues. The purpose is to spiritually build up the creative nature of the members of this ministry and to inspire the congregants in a positive way. 
13.   OUTREACH MINISTRY (Highway and Hedge Ministry)
        This ministry operates in the community to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by meeting at set times to knock on doors and pass out tracts as well as extend invitations to the church. 

        Responsible for organizing and conducting corporate prayer meetings; special prayer is to be made for the Clergy, Pastors, Congregation,Family, Military, Lost Souls, Sick, Nation, Israel and other needs as the spirit of God directs. 

        Performs a vital function in all services. Responsible for greeting and escorting individuals, couples, families, churches, choirs, ministers, etc. to a seat in the Sanctuary. A doorkeeper also helps maintain order in God’s house; also responsible for monitoring distractions in the house of God especially during the preached word. 

16.   BEREAVEMENT MINISTRY (Good Samaritan Ministry)
        Responsible for seeing to the needs of bereaved families. Coordinate the preparation and deliverance of meals, flowers, cards, phone calls  and other necessities throughout the immediate bereavement period. 

        Responsible for seeing that the Pastor(s) are assisted in each and every service. Also responsible for Birthday’s and annual Appreciation Services. 

Responsible for teaching married couples and those desiring to be married how to summit to one another​​​, love and support each other; resulting in being one and living the abundant life that's been ordained by our Lord, Jesus Christ.