Biography of Sandra J. Potts

Sandra J. Potts was born  in Lubbock, Texas. Sandra was raised in a community called "Lawrence", four miles west of Terrell, Texas.  Sandra has a Bachelors Degree in Christian Counseling and she is a highly anointed and inspiring teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sandra's mom made sure her children had an opportunity to know the Lord by taking them to Sunday school every Sunday morning. From birth to eighteen years of age, Sandra was in church at the Mt Calvary Baptist Church; where her aunts, uncles and cousins were either preachers, teachers, singers or musicans. 

Sandra married her high school sweetheart in 1975 and to this union four children were born. Antione, Lakeitra, Michelle and Jerry Sean. All four children are either preacher's, teacher's, singer's or musicans.

Sandra is soft spoken and highly anointed to teach an overcoming message especially to the Women of God. She's anointed with a rich Rhema word, the Spirit of Excellence and the gift of Wisdom . Her focus is Marriage and Family.

Sandra enjoys Evangelism, Reading and Travel. Her greatest desire is to see people saved, born again, healed, delivered and set free. Her greatest passion is being Mom and Grandmom; her other passion is to help the poor and needy and continue to do the "Will" of her Lord Jesus Christ.

She's truly a WOMAN after God's own heart.

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